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We offer a variety of services including tax preparation and business planning.  Your individual needs can be addressed in person at a complimentary consultation. 

Tax Planning and Preparation with an ENROLLED AGENT
This is an ongoing,  yearly process.  We begin with a thorough review of your present situation, analyzing your past records as they compare to your new information. Once your information is on track, we continue to keep in touch with your personal and business needs to maintain  accurate, stable financial health for you.
Business Planning
For the new corporation as well as the seasoned business, this is an essential part of the PGA environment.  We analyze the needs of your company, your market as well as the climate for your particular product or service.  Our professionals will help design and implement a Business / Marketing Plan that suits you.

*Working with an Enrolled Agent holds several advantages for you.  After passing rigorous federal exams, Enrolled Agents are the only tax professionals certified and licensed by the Internal Revenue Service to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

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