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Mortgage and Refinancing
When it's time to purchase a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, we can help you analyze how much you will spend, save and calculate the benefits of a variety of plans.



Reverse Mortgages

If you or your parents are 62 years of age or older and own a home you may be interested in financing a home improvement, paying off your current mortgage, supplementing your retirement income, or reducing your expenses.  A  might be for you.

In a standard mortgage, you make monthly payments to the lender.  With a reverse mortgage, you receive money from the lender. 

You generally don’t have to pay the loan back until you die, sell your home, or when your home is no longer your primary home.

Since you keep the title to your home, you are responsible for property taxes, insurance, utilities, fuel, maintenance, and other expenses while you receive the monthly ‘reverse’ mortgage payments.


The cash you get from a reverse mortgage can be paid to you as:

§  a single sum of cash

§   a regular monthly cash advance

§   a “creditline” account

§   a combination of these options

 Paul L. Gabbianelli & Associates can help you navigate the choices, options and benefits of this method of managing your expenses.  Find out if a reverse mortgage is for you by calling the office for a consultation.


Learn more about Reverse Mortgages at: The Federal Trade Commission website